The Wadsworth Diaries

1857 - 1893

The Diaries
Volume 1 1857 - 1863 Introduction to Volume 1  1857  1858  1859  1860  1861  1862  1863
Volume 2 1866 - 1871 Introduction to Volume 2  1866  1867  1868  1869  1870  1871
Volume 3 1881 - 1888 Introduction to Volume 3  1881  1884  1885  1886  1887  1888
Volume 4 1889 - 1893 Introduction to Volume 4  1889  1890  1891  1892  1893  Epilogue

Compiled, Transcribed and Annotated
Gail V. Lembo
Donated to the people of the Town of Franklin
through The Franklin Town Library
and The Friends of the Franklin Library

My thanks to all who contributed to this project,
especially the following:
Paul DeBaggis
for the Preface and Introduction
and all the hours he spent on corrections and editorial help

Melvin and Alice Root, Franklin William Rossetti, Civil Engineer, Franklin

Peggy Marguerite (Wadsworth family) Franklin

Ruth Chelotti ( Wadsworth family) Franklin

Ethel Morse (Wadsworth family) Franklin

Murial Taylor, (Wadsworth family) New Orleans, La.

Laurie Monahan (my sister) Natick

Susan Rice (my daughter) Frank1in

Elwin A. Silloway, Franklin

Lorraine Metcalf, late of Franklin and Wrentham

All the Moms 4 Dads from Franklin Country Day Camp who helped type some of the diaries.

Last but certainly not least, my wonderful husband, Edward R. Lembo,
without whose support and patience, this project would not have been possible.


My very special thanks

Mr. David Brown, Teacher and Historian,
Late of Wrentham,

for his generous contribution
of 7 of the 25 Wadsworth Diaries,
without which this writing would not be as complete.